Most dogs, almost all, can’t contain their excitement at the mention of dog toys. They usually go nothing short of bonkers with wagging tails and excited eyes. With so many types of dog toys to choose from, it can be quite a task picking the right one for your dog. Many of our partners sell dog toys and you can click here _____ to view the options.


Why do dogs need toys?

Domesticated dogs still have their innate need for experiences they may have had, were they in the wild. Dog toys can facilitate this mental and physical need with each toy providing for specific experiences or an array of them. Without fulfillment of these needs, dogs can become bored with nothing to do.

One of the advantages of dog toys is the diversion they provide as chewing targets. Undoubtedly lots of dogs would go for cushions, shoes, furniture to fulfill their need to chew and toys meant specifically for this purpose can be life savers and home savers!

With these types of innate needs of your dog satisfied through use of toys, your dog will be guaranteed not to have high levels of anxiety that go with unsatisfied wants and needs.

One of the most simple and effective dog toy to use is a Kong. Kongs are a great feeding toy that can be stuffed with a healthy food for your dog to be distracted with for hours on end. They work wonderfully for times when you would like your dog to relax but also be distracted so you can get some things done.

What type of toy for your dog’s type?

The type of toy your dog likes will depend on what kind of dog your pet is. You must choose the right toy according to your dog’s temperament. Which one of the following general dog dispositions does your dog come under?

Dogs that are active

Is your dog is the one that breaks away from you dashing about excitedly? Most pet dog owners of active dogs must keep up with ways to help their pet exhale all the energy they have. The classic fetch game works wonders for pups with high energy and is a great way to bond with your pet dog. You can do this with a regular ball or frisbee or heighten your energetic pups enjoyment with fetch toys that make a whistling sound when thrown. There are some fetch dog toys that have a hole in which you can stuff a tasty snack, adding a twist to the fetch. Frisbees are also a great toy for longer distance fetches.

Dogs that are lazy

If your pet is the sedentary lazy types, you will need toys with extra motivation. Toys that have audio feedback such as a squeaky toy can work great for your dog to play with for long periods of time. It may be a little distracting for you though! Other toys made of exciting textures such a rubber with ridged impressions are great. Toys with spaces built in for snack stuffing are always great motivators.

Dogs that are smart

If your pup keeps surprising you with how much it can grasp, you must look into getting interactive toys to support mental stimulation. There are toys available that can be stuffed with snacks and the snack would have to be dispensed through a slot by maneuvering the toy properly. This can create hours of snacking fun for your smart pooch.

Dogs that are playful

For dogs that enjoy interaction and play time with other dogs or even owners, a simple rope tugger toy that can be pulled from either side can be great play time. This helps dogs play together in a game of tug of war. It’s great for their teeth as well as a good trust building game.

Accessibility of toys

You may find after buying a collection of toys for your beloved pet, that they eventually don’t use them, and they don’t serve their purpose anymore. This is because they might just get done with them and be bored or too familiar with them.

For this reason it is very important to rotate your dogs’ toys so novelty is maintained. Put away some of them for a while and take them out when you feel your dog is not excited about the ones it has access to. Sometimes having just one toy at a time accessible is a good strategy.

Keep the balance going to keep your dog healthily motivated to play. One trick to keep your dog distracted at important times such as hosting a dinner party or getting on a zoom call while working form home, is to keep a certain favorite toy for use only during those times. This can give you freedom to do what you want with that time while your dog is happily playing.

Helping your dog understand toy ownership

Dogs may have an innate need to protect their property and this can sometimes be visible in them guarding their toys from other animals. They won’t share or part with their toys and can be quite aggressive, snapping and biting to guard their resources as they might in the wild. At home though, that behavior cannot be managed as acceptable.

To manage the behavior, you can go thru a simple training exercise with your dog helping them understand what you mean when you say “take it” for a toy or “drop it” to take it away when play time is done. It will of course take repetition and resolve from you to help them completely understand the concept of you being the toy giver and taker at the right times.


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