It is guaranteed, that your child will ask you for a pet eventually at some point. They all go thru that phase of having and wanting an animal companion. As a parent it’s a good opportunity to teach children some responsibility and it’s been found that having animals around us increases our immunity. It is also very likely you may end of caring for the pet more than the child themselves! That’s why it’s important to choose the right kind of pet according to what you think would best suit your child.

Choosing the right species of pet, besides the usual dog and cat can be the difference between your child managing pet care successfully or losing motivation. Following are recommendations on what would work and what wouldn’t with certain pet choices for kids.

Pet dog

A trainable pet, famous for being a life-long loyal friend, dogs are a good go to as they aren’t fragile. Children can play with them without you worrying about the pet getting hurt. They live for decades and more so losing the pet prematurely is not a concern under normal circumstances. One of the great things about a dog as pet is your children getting involved in training the pet and feeling a sense of achievement and bonding in the process. Adults would definitely need to help the child take care of a pet dog and you must watch out for your furniture getting chewed up. Buying toys, training and healthy diets are all things your children and yourself would be involved in taking up a dog as a pet. Especially as children love accessorizing pets. A pet dog is of course, one you will share you whole home ot most of your home with.

Pet cat

A less maintenance option may be a cat. They don’t need regular walks, are happy to stay at indoors at home. They don’t need regular baths like dogs do and when your children might want a break from their pet (which eventually they might) cats are happy to stay alone as well. For an energetic child, a dog may be a better option with playful fetch games and running around as compared to a cat.  However, cats can be a super responsive playful pet as well. Just give the kids a ball of yarn to play with their pet cat and watch the most fun playtime ensue. Adults must help their children accessorize with the right items for their children’s pet cat. You will need scratching polls, cat litters, places to climb amongst other accessories. Definitely a more sedentary choice compared to dogs but also would be sharing in most part your entire home with you and your family.

Pet turtle

Easier to manage than a dog or a cat, is a turtle. They are less noisy, calm and peaceful. Depending on the specie you will need to gear up with heat lamps, tanks, filters and other such equipment to keep the pet for your child. They do also need to be handled with care and might be a good choice for children who are older than 6 years old. Unlike playing with a dog or cat, pet turtles are fun to observe more than actually “playing with the pet” physically. If your child is the type that would like that then its great. Turtles have long lifespans and can be longtime pets for your child.

Pet fish

Another quite and calm pet is a fish. Ideal for younger children, the colourful options have children amused with watching fish and taking care of them. Pet fish care is quite minimal and only the initial equipment like a tank, filter would be required. Fish do have long life expectancies and can be a long-term pet. However, as they grow, a change of equipment may be required in larger tanks and everything that goes with that.  Having an aquarium, sometimes brings with it wanting to have a variety of fish in it and this can be exciting for children but also can become a full time maintenance job.

Pet hamster

Another contained pet could be a hamster. While caged, they can be very lively and cute to watch for long periods of time. They are a great first pet for a responsible child as they do need regular feedings. They can be a good learning step if your family would like to adopt a pet dog or a pet cat next. Hamsters are however nocturnal animals and can be quite noisy overnight. If not handled with care when playing with them, they can bite. They do need a large cage which would take a lot of space but not as much as sharing your whole home with a pet.

Pet birds

Birds are a great alternative for children who aren’t excited to have animals that take up home space such as cats and dogs. Mostly contained in their cages, birds require no training. Different birds have different animal dispositions and some research before choosing the right kind of birds for your child might be a good idea.

Pet guinea pig

Another pet growing in popularity is the Guinea pig. They are greatly responsive animals and less likely to bite than hamsters. They can be tamed easily, and your child can enjoy playing with them without giving up large spaces in your home. The space they would take would be their cage which needs to be spacious enough. Guinea pigs need high quality food and are quite social. For this reason, it is recommended that guinea pigs be kept as pets in pairs.

Many animal choices exist that would be great for your child and your family to choose a pet as. For children’s companionship, learning responsibility and caretaking they are a great motivating experience. Children learn through pet care without knowing they are being taught lessons. Make sure you think about best choice for your family keeping in mind eating schedules for the pet as well as how much room housing it would take, including its accessories.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]