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Check What our Customers Have to say 🌟

Lucy Cook
Lucy Cook
What an amazing service - couldn’t recommend Amity highly enough. Every time we go with either of our dogs, we see smiles at the door and our dogs already feel at home. They are so thorough in their investigations and make us feel (as owners) safe. They correctly diagnosed our dog today and we are so grateful for their care and attention. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our furry companions. ❤️
Aiza May Nunez
Aiza May Nunez
Great staff and doctors as always, would always recommend Amity Veterinary Clinic, always on the rescue for my baby boy, Dr. John had always took care my baby boy, they really do care about your babies, advices and for me, they are the best.
Ahmed Zamara
Ahmed Zamara
I am happy to visit Amity clinic and it will always be repeated. They are distinguished by respect and high efficiency in performance. You are the best for ever.
Naamat Fawaz
Naamat Fawaz
Excellent doctors, amazing staff , The best service and care you can ask for your pet 💕Holly always loves to be seen by Dr Ousama and Anthony is just amazing 🤩
Deepa Sing
Deepa Sing
What a great find.. We have an anxious rescue and were on the lookout for a vet who could do her annual check up and vaccines. Dr Sam was recommended to us and I can honestly see why. He was so calm while assessing our dog and made the process extremely smooth, easy and quick. It is very clear that he understands anxious dogs well. We are so grateful.
allen sotingco
allen sotingco
Kudos to the Crew, Warm welcome and assistance from Maureen.. Good Job for the service from Nina 🙂
SM Dubai
SM Dubai
Very approachable receptionist and nice doctors especially Dr Eman
Ivana Nikolic
Ivana Nikolic
We took our puppy to Amity Clinic a few times, and every time they were so nice and professional. We have a feeling that we can trust them. Everything is explained to us in details - what is happening, why, and how they think we should proceed with the treatment. We took our puppy for spaying procedure and Dr Sam was really nice, we really liked him (again, explained everything in detail and reassured us that they will take good care of her). ☺️ If your pet was sick (our baby girl had some virus once), they will contact you a few times after the checkup to check if everything is okay. So, you’ll really feel like you’re in good hands. And they’re available almost all the time on whatsapp. Highly recommend!
Feyle A (Fey)
Feyle A (Fey)
Amity Veterinary Clinic are amazing! The staff are so friendly and welcoming and their care and support for my cat Timmy is outstanding. They are an amazing veterinary clinic and 100% recommend to all pet owners!
Samantha Suzara
Samantha Suzara
It’s my first time coming here at Amity Vet and I am amazed by how clean the place is when you enter and the staff is very friendly and awesome! Special thanks to Dr. Usama who handled Timmy greatly and Mau who entertained us until we left the clinic. My full trust is with you Amity Vet Clinic!😊

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Over the last 5 years, we have treated thousands of pets in the UAE, and have proudly received over 85o+ five star google reviews from our pet patients and their owners.

Instead of enduring the hassle of getting your pet(s) into the car and driving through heavy traffic to get to the clinic, you can conveniently access assistance from the convenience of your home, office, desert, or mountain top, every day throughout the year, ensuring ease and accessibility.

Many questions or concerns can be resolved without having to travel to a veterinary clinic. With coffee with a Vet, you just have to log-in to Zoom, and the vet will be in your living room or garden with you and your pet.

No Question Is Too Big or Small

Our team of licensed veterinarians are available 7 days a week to offer their expertise via video call

New Pet Owners

We can help you take the guesswork out of all of your common concerns like vaccinations, exercise, diet and parasite treatment.

Anxious Pets

We can help you by talking through your pet’s anxiety issues, specific triggers, signs to watch for and options to help alleviate the anxiety.

Lifelong Well-Being

Learn how to support your pet’s well-being at every age, from supplements to dental care.

Behavior Questions

Discover ways to encourage your pet's optimal behaviour, along with advice on various aspects, including potty training and leash walking.

Meet Our Team

Welcome to Amity Veterinary Clinic, home of ‘Coffee with a Vet.’ Our mission is to provide expert pet care with convenience and compassion. Our licensed veterinarians offer virtual consultations to reduce stress for pets and their owners. Tailored advice for new pet parents, observation of multi-pet homes, and an exclusive 99 Dirhams/month offer ensure unlimited access to trusted guidance, no matter where you are.

We created this concept to make pet ownership a joyous, stressfree experience, complementing clinic visits with timely advice. Join us on this journey for a happier and healthier life for your pets.