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Tailored Wellness Plans for Lifelong Canine Health

The best veterinary
for your friend

We promise to treat your pet “Like our own” which means that anything that we do,or recommend, would be exactly the same as for our own pets.

Brand Speciality

We believe in evidence-based medicine and have all the equipment you would expect

from an advanced hospital.

Our Doctors

Our awesome team of veterinary doctors are here to

support you.

Why Choose us ?

Our goal is to build long-term relationships, understand the individual needs of every pet, and support families through their pet-owning journey

Veterinary Clinic in Dhabi | Amity Veterinary Clinic

Professional Team

Our doctors have global experience and are passionate and dedicated to their profession.

Full range of services

Our focus is on integrity, honesty, and transparency as we help you manage the health of your pet.

Taking care of every pet

Our home visit service brings our expertise to your doorstep, either for convenience, or to minimize stress for your pet.

Hour assistance

With extended daily opening hours, we can accommodate a time to suit your busy lifestyle.

Veterinarians in Dubai | Amity Veterinary Clinic
Veterinarians in Dubai | Amity Veterinary Clinic

Years of Experience

Veterinary Clinic in Dhabi | Amity Veterinary Clinic

Languages Spoken


Licensed Doctors


Happy Pets

We can keep them happy

We Love and Protect your Pets

We have a unique approach that has at its core a belief that “knowledge is power”. This means that we will explain relevant medical information in detail, without the technical jargon.

Our goal is to explain to you exactly what is going on, so you have all the information needed to choose the best option for your pet.

Compassionate Care for Your Furry Friends

Welcome to AmityVet Dog Hospital, where we understand that your four-legged companions are more than just pets; they’re cherished members of your family. At AmityVet, we are dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary care with a focus on compassion, expertise, and advanced medical technologies. Our team of experienced veterinarians and staff members is committed to ensuring the well-being and happiness of your dogs.

From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services to address your furry friend’s unique needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest diagnostic and medical equipment, allowing us to deliver accurate and timely care. At AmityVet, we believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and their dogs, fostering an environment of trust and open communication.


Veterinarians in Dubai | Amity Veterinary Clinic