One of the best ways to bond with your dog is during their walking time. If you ever find yourself tugging harshly at your pet dog’s leash or having to repeat instructions again and again making your dog walk stressful, read on for some pro trips on making your dog walk quality time spent with your beloved pet dog.

Get your positioning right during the walk

You are the pet owner, and your dog is the pet. You lead the way, so your dog understands that you are leading this pack. Make sure you are walking in front at all times. This will give you the ability to stop and go as needed. It will give your dog a clear signal to look to you in knowing what to do.

Leash length

Choose a leash according to best suitability for your dog’s breed. Using a short leash until your dog is trained properly for instructions is a good idea. Once your dog is trained to know the basics of dos and don’ts during dog walks, an extendable leash for freedom of movement at the right times can prove great fun for your dog.

Letting your dog know he/she is doing well on the walk

One of the best ways of training your dog and letting them know they are doing great by following instructions is to reward them. For example, if they are taking instructions like stop and go without repetition or coaxing, don’t hold back on the reward treat.

Be consistent with the routine

You know best what your dog needs, especially according to their breed. A lazy dog can be extremely difficult to manage so make sure you are walking your dog according to his/her needs regularly.

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Bonus tip: Don’t forget to take a bag to pick up after your dog.

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